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errors and omissions

In spite of numerous attempts at editing and proofreading, errors and omissions are inevitable. The following items describe the more egregious errors:



The Trailside Rock shown on the map was entirely excluded from the text.

This cliff is found just off the Snow Creek Trail just past the first switchback beyond the irrigation ditch.

1 Uber Space 5.9+ ** G/2” – B/5 - RS/90’

A mostly bolted climb up a steep clean face.

(Mike Steele, Curt Haire 2015)


2 Slow Geek Crawl 5.9+ ** G/2.5” – B/4 - RS/90’

The easy parts are gear and the steep face climbing is sport.

(Curt Haire, Mike Steele 2015)


3 Trailside Distraction 5.8 * G/2.5” – B/3 - RS/95’

A slabby climb with a short steep start.

(Paul Myhre, Mike Steele 2014)


4 Green Goblin 5.8 G/2.5” – B/1 – RS/85’

On a cliff left of Trailside. Go thru mossy notch and up leftwards to cliff with a prominent right prow. An awkward crack climb left of the prow and right of the moss.

(Mike Steele, Curt Haire 2016)

Trailside Distraction 5.8 * G/2.5" - B/3 - RS/95'


The route numbers in the text are obviously incorrect. Refer to the topo on page 97 for the correct alignment.

Route 4 should be Groping for Oprah’s Navel, etc.

Route 7 was excluded from the text and should read:

Fuzzy Packs a Lunch 5.9 . G/.5” – RS/70’

(Tom Osborne, Viktor Kramar 1990)

PAGE 107

The route description should read: Start as for route 10, then move right following bolts.

PAGE 119

Exotic Affair should be route 35


PAGE 153

Route 6, Sprout’s Route was established by: (Evy Dudey, Mark Glidden)

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